Israel / Palestinian Territories [fr]

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France is a driving force in the international diplomatic forums when it comes to seeking a definitive resolution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

It believes in the possibility of a just resolution to the conflict by means of the two-state solution. Only the creation of an independent, viable, democratic Palestinian state living in peace and security alongside Israel will enable the conflict to be resolved. France is in close contact with the Israeli and Palestinian governments. It encourages the parties to avoid any unilateral action or incitement to violence; these are liable to jeopardize the two-state solution.

Given the deadlock in the peace process and following the rejection of a Palestinian draft resolution at the Security Council in December 2014, France encourages the emergence of a new method of negotiation. To this end, it supports an initiative at the Security Council that would enable a timetable and parameters for the negotiation to be adopted.

France also supports greater involvement by the international partners – particularly the Arab League and the European Union, in support of the United States’ efforts – to encourage the parties to reach an agreement.

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