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More than two thirds of the UN’s Blue Helmets are deployed in Africa, within the framework of seven missions: in Côte d’Ivoire, Liberia, Darfur (UN - African Union Hybrid Mission), South Sudan, Abyei, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Western Sahara. An African Union mission, authorized by the Security Council, is also deployed in Somalia. The UN withdrew from Chad-Central African Republic at the end of 2010 and from Sudan in July 2011. Following the conflict in Libya, a political support mission has been deployed in that country in September 2011. The Security Council il closely following the situation in Mali after the seizure of power by elements of the army and the subsequent destabilization of the country.

Peacebuilding is an important component of the United Nations’ work in Africa: the UN opened three Integrated Peacebuilding Offices in Guinea-Bissau, Burundi and Sierra Leone.

The Security Council seized itself of the situation in Libya, authorizing the use of force, following the violence perpetrated against civilians during protests against the regime.

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