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3 March 2008 - Iran / Non proliferation : Interview by IRIB Iranian TV of Mr. Jean-Pierre Lacroix, Deputy Permanent Representative of France to the United Nations, following the adoption of resolution 1803

The first thing I would like to say is that France is one of the main proponent of peaceful nuclear energy. We have a very strong industry on this type of activity . We think it is important to allow all the countries that need and want to benefit from this energy to use it. But this is possible only if tehre is confidence. The basis for the action of the Security Council today, and of its previous actions, is that there is no confidence in the nature of the Iranian nuclear program.

The latest report of the IAEA expresses some very serious concerns, about doubts regarding the nature of that program, doubts regarding the scope of that program.

(But the IAEA report has emphasized Iran’s cooperation.)

That is your reading. Yes there are some - some- limited progress that are mentioned by the IAEA but the overall assessment of the IAEA is that there are still very serious concerns, as I said, about the nature of the program and also about possible activities related to militarization.

I have to add that on top of the IAEA assessment Iran has been asked by the Security Council to suspend enrichment

(Is to suspend the only mean to create trust ?)

This is a request by the Security Council. Together with full cooperation with IAEA and also with implementation of the additional protocol of the IAEA and the determination that was made not only by France, United Kingdom and Germany but by members of the Security Council is that Iran has not satisfy to his international obligations.

(But the non aligned countries have emphasized the right for Iran to enrich…)

Let me say one thing. I reiterated and countries belonging to the E3+3 France, Germany, UK, Russia China, United States, we collectively reiterated our willingness to engage with Iran to find a solution to this issue through negotiation.

The offer that we made to Iran, is an ambitious one, is a generous one. It is one that if implemented would offer very serious perspectives of cooperation between Iran and us and the rest of the world in the areas of economy and political areas as well. I think today it is very important to keep in mind that the offer is still on the table. We are willing to solve this negotiation. Sanctions are not a goal per se, sanctions are a way to make it clear that we are determined to solve this issue. Our main message that collectively we would like to send is that we hope that Iran will listen to that message sent by the Security Council.

And we hope, that it will engage in a dialogue with us, with a view to solve the issue.

(In the past we had a bad experience. We suspended the enrichment without any result. How can you create trust between Iran and EU ?)

Our reading of history can be different and I do not want to engage into that.

What I can say, and only repeat is that today there is a clear proposal for solving this through cooperation. That is what I can say.

Second thing is that, and it has been clearly said by the ministers of the six countries. Once confidence is restored in the peaceful nature of Iran nuclear program then there will be no difference in treatment of Iran and any other non nuclear Member State party to the NPT. There is no intention whatsoever to discriminate any Country. Our intention is to remove the doubts, remove the concerns about the Iranian nuclear program. And we have reached a stage in which we can engage in a political solution and re-establish fully normal relationship with Iran./.

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