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Somalia - Adoption of resolution 1976 - Communiqué of the Permanent Mission of France to the United Nations

Adoption of resolution 1976 on the judicial treatment of pirates

Statement by Mr Gerard Araud, Permanent Representative of France to the United Nations

New York, 11 April 2011

The Security Council has just adopted a resolution on the judicial treatment of pirates.

The text reaffirms that the Security Council will consider urgently the establishment of specialized Somali courts as recommended by Jack Lang’s report, including a Somali extraterritorial court. The United Nations Secretary-General will present a report on the implementation of these mechanisms.

The text calls on States and UN agencies (UNODC, UNDP, UNPOS) to strengthen the normative and operational capabilities (including Coast Guard) to fight against piracy in Somalia and the region. It calls for strengthening the methods of investigation and transfer of pirates.

It is finally taking into consideration the long-term economic interests of Somalia: it calls for the delimitation of the Somali maritime space and requests the Secretary-General to submit a report by October on illegal fishing and the rejection of toxic wastes off Somalia.

For monitoring and coordinating the implementation of various measures against piracy, the United Nations Security Council asks the United Nations Secretary-General to strengthen the United Nations Political Office for Somalia. To finance these initiatives, the Council calls on Member States and ship owners to contribute to the Trust Fund of the contact group for the fight against piracy.

France welcomes the adoption of resolution 1976, which represents a significant and concrete step forward in the fight against piracy off the coast of Somalia.

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