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9 April 2009 - Security Council - Somalia / piracy - Stakeout by H.E. Mr. Jean-Maurice Ripert, Permanent Representative of France to the United Nations

Q : What is the future here on Somalia ? …and the overall issue of piracy ?

A : We all think that bringing peace in Somalia is the only answer for piracy in the long term. So it is very important to work on the basis of the resolution, we have to strengthen the AMISOM force on the ground and reinstall the United Nations on the ground. There will be a very important conference of donors in Brussels on April 23rd. We have to back all those efforts to get some sense of unity in this country to help the government. They have elected a elected authorities they have a president, they have a prime minister, they have a parliament : the international community should back their efforts to recreate, to reconstruct the state in Somalia. Q : Will there be a peacekeeping force ?

A : We are waiting for the report of the Secretary-General. In my view, the first phase of the reconstruction, of the return to stability, the reinstallation of a democratic police force in Somalia is not there yet, so we will probably have to wait for a little while.

Q : Can the Security Council really cope with pirates? You have had to deal with terrorists, dictators, how can you handle the pirates?

A : The difficulty is that the Security Council decides what the member states have to implement. There is a very important naval force in the Indian Ocean, which is doing what it can to fight these pirates, and the French have done a lot in arresting some of them. But it is very difficult obviously, they are using small and fast boats, the zone to cover is gigantic so it is very difficult to do it concretely. But the question is: are we in a position, military speaking, to reduce the importance of those pirates’ activities. It is difficult and it will take time.

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