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19 September 2008 - Soudan- Media Stakeout: Informal comments to the Media by the Permanent Representative of France, H.E. Mr. Jean-Maurice Ripert

I can also restate in English what I have just said. We demand to the Sudanese government to comply with its international obligations, in particular the request by the Security Council, and in particular to cooperate with the ICC. We ask the government of Sudan to respect the demand and to arrest and make sure that Mr Haroun and Ali Kushayb will be tried in conformity with the demand of ICC prosecutors and at last, regarding President Bechir, there is no - for the moment as you know very well, we are waiting for the decision of the preliminary chamber of the ICC - there is no negotiation on-going with the Sudanese authorities, there is no bargaining, and if tomorrow the question was raised in the Security Council, the position of France is very clear, we would oppose any request for implementing article 16, regarding the procedure of Sudan and Darfur.

Thank you very much.

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