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11 January 2012 - Iran- Informal remarks to the press by Mr Martin Briens, Deputy Permanent Representative of France to the United Nations

After the consultations on Sudan we raised the issue of the latest announcement by Iran of the beginning of enrichment of uranium in Qom which was confirmed by the IAEA on Monday. We wanted to express our concerns about this development for two reasons.

First, because of what it means: as you know this facility used to be clandestine; it is under a mountain and the activities that Iran is doing there - enriching uranium at a level up to 20%- have no credible civilian use. In itself it is a worrying development. It is also a further violation of the IAEA Board of Governors resolutions - the latest from November 18th - and of the six Security Council resolutions.

We also reaffirmed our dual track approach to deal with the Iranian nuclear program, based on dialogue and pressure. On this matter, we keep on trying to get serious negotiations to start. But so far Iran has not responded. Also, as part of the dual track policy, we are working on further sanctions. We mentioned the need for all UN members to implement all the sanctions we have already adopted.

Q : So what is your next plan? Will you make some resolution?

We’re going to work with our partners to see what the next steps are going to be, either here or elsewhere.

Q : Were there any reactions from China or Russia?

You have to ask them. But what is important is that there was a really broad expression of concern.

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