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15 March 2011 - Libya - Remarks to the press by Mr. Gerard Araud, Permanent Representative of France to the United Nations

Q: Tell us about the draft resolution

We have moved forward, we have presented a text. And there were questions, legitimate questions. All the countries are very helpful, I emphasize this point. Tomorrow we will start negotiations at 11am.

Q: What are the differences between the questions raised yesterday and the question raised today?

The text in itself is the answer. Yesterday there were general questions. Now we have a text and therefore a lot of questions were answered by the text. Obviously not all the questions were answered so we will have a debate, paragraph by paragraph, as in a traditional negotiation. Again, around the table of the Security Council everybody was ready to engage in negotiations. Nobody blocked it, there was no refusal on principles.

Q: Who introduced the text?

We worked with the UK and Lebanon.

Q: Do you expect a vote tomorrow?

I am optimistic, I would hope to have a vote tomorrow but I doubt it because it is a long and technical text.

Q: Is a no-fly zone included in the text?

That is what France wants.

Q: Why was there a change in the mood at the Security Council?

There was no change in the mood. Yesterday there were questions because we were discussing on principles, there were no positions, countries had questions. There has been a misunderstanding as yesterday nobody was blocking. There were questions and a lot of countries were saying: “show us a text”. So this is what we did. Now we are going to start the negotiation

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