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19 February 2010 - Situation in Haiti - Statement to the press by M. Nicolas de Rivière, Deputy Permanent Representative of France to the United Nations, on behalf of the Security Council

Members of the Security Council heard briefings from representatives of the UN Secretary-General on the humanitarian, security and political situation of Haiti as well as prospects for reconstruction. The permanent representative of Haiti also made a statement.

Members of the Security Council expressed their solidarity with the Haitian people and welcomed the exceptional mobilisation of the international community to meet the needs of Haiti in the immediate and longer term. They stressed the importance of the international Conference on the Reconstruction of Haiti to be held on 31 March in New York and reaffirmed the government’s leadership in the reconstruction of Haiti.

Members of the Security Council praised the work of the United Nations and stressed the central role played by the UN under the authority of the Secretary-General in coordinating the efforts of the international community to support the Haitian authorities.

Members of the Security Council reiterated their determination to remain actively engaged in support of international efforts towards stability and reconstruction of Haiti.

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