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19 February 2009 - Reform of the Security Council - Press statement by Mr. Jean-Maurice Ripert, Permanent Representative of France to the United Nations

New York, 19 February 2009

Unofficial translation

The intergovernmental negotiations on the reform of the Security Council that were launched today within the UNGA in New York are essential. President Sarkozy said it: France intends to be "the advocate, the interpreter, the voice of the demand for a more just and more representative international organisation".

The United Nations, the only universal and global organisation, must remain pertinent and efficient as global crises worsen and external decision-making fora are set up.

The reform and expansion of the Security Council are fundamental to the UN’s ability to act concretely and to weigh in on decisions on behalf of all the States of the world. France is convinced of the necessity to expand the Council, in particular to new permanent members. However it is also aware of the difficulties of this negotiation. France, together with the United Kingdom, proposed a step-by-step progression towards an interim reform of the Security Council. This proposal, simple and operational, would allow for the reform to take place as soon as possible. Each must face up to its responsibilities today./.

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