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3 March 2009 - Security Council - Special Tribunal for Lebanon - Statement to the press by Mr. Jean-Maurice Ripert, Permanent Representative of France to the United Nations

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I wanted to underline the importance of the fact that the Security Council has just adopted a press statement to mark the importance of the commencement of the Special Tribunal for Lebanon on the 1st of March.

It is a very important step towards the fight against impunity and the fight for justice. We must know the truth about the assassination of Prime Minister Rafic Hariri and other people in related cases. It is important that the Tribunal is in a position to continue fighting and researching the truth. UNSC resolution calls for the co-operation of all member States. We hope that it will be the case. It is the case for France: we have been cooperating very closely with the commission until now, including by financing the Tribunal. It is also a very important move towards reconciliation and we reaffirm our very strong support to the sovereignty and the territorial integrity of Lebanon.

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