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14 May 2014 - Event "Barrel Bombs: Syria’s Indiscriminate Killers " - Statement by Mr. Alexis Lamek, Deputy Permanent Representative of France to the United Nations

Thank you and the panelists for these testimonies. What we have just seen is another illustration of the atrocities perpetrated by the Syrian regime. This indiscriminate use in populated areas and against civilians is a violation of the international humanitarian law. It is a war crime.

The High Commissioner for human rights already called for a referral of the situation in Syria to the International Criminal Court. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon said yesterday that the perpetrators of the crimes committed in Syria had to be held accountable.

Indeed we believe that time has come for the situation in Syria to be referred to the International Criminal Court. A draft resolution presented by France is now on the table and is going to be put to the vote in the next few days.

What we need now is to have the broadest support to this resolution. We will need strong co-sponsorship. It is a message I pass to all the colleagues here. We need to have your co-sponsorship for this text. We need to show that we all consider that we need to address this situation; we need to pass a clear message that we don’t accept impunity for such crimes

I count on you all to have your co-sponsorship on the text.

Thank you.

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