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2 December 2008 - Statement of Ambassador Jean-Maurice Ripert

Following the adoption of Resolution 1846 View

I would like to underline what we consider as a very important step taken by the Security Council, on behalf of the international community regarding fight against piracy. We know of course that a substantive improvement in the situation on the ground in Somalia could give some help to the situation of the people, but at the same time, we think that we have to tackle very strongly, and very energetically, the piracy.

Piracy is killing. Every day more than 3 millions of Somali people are depending on food aids, on emergency relief, which are coming for 95% of them by the sea. So by adopting resolution 1846, the international community is sending a very strong signal, of its determination to deal with piracy.

Last June we adopted resolution 1816, which provided some authorization to work in cooperation with the government of Somalia to enter into the territorial sea, to pursue pirates. Resolution 1838 then called upon all States to act, and resolution 1846 renews the authorization in the territorial waters of Somalia.

It is a very important step, and I would like, in my capacity of President of the European Union at the UN, to underline the fact that it provides the European Union some legal basis to launch the operation "Atalanta", which is scheduled to start on December 8th.

We are sending four to five ships, which will be there, operating under European control, with the Headquarters of the operation in the United Kingdom, and we will have, once again, the legal basis to fight decisively navy pirate ships. We can act against all the people who are threatening the lives of Somali people, and also essential vessels which are cruising on the sea off the coast of Somalia.

C’est une résolution extrêmement importante que vient d’adopter le Conseil de Sécurité. C’est un message très fort que la communauté internationale envoie de sa détermination à lutter contre toutes les formes de piraterie au large des côtes de la Somalie. Cette résolution fournit la base légale pour l’opération " Atalante " qui va être lancée le 8 décembre prochain par l’Union européenne pour une durée d’un an, qui aura, sur zone, dans les jours qui viennent, quatre à cinq navires en permanence. Le Royaume Uni commande sous l’opération et la Grèce commande la force, pour lutter contre la piraterie, protéger les navires du PAM, puisque plus de trois millions de Somaliens dépendent aujourd’hui de l’aide humanitaire internationale.

C’est donc une action décisive, c’est une opération que le Président de la République française a voulue il y a de nombreux mois maintenant, puisque la France avait commencé en novembre 2007 à escorter les bâtiments du PAM, et maintenant toute la communauté internationale est d’accord pour agir et nous sommes très heureux et très fiers que l’Union européenne puisse prendre le leadership dans cette opération extrêmement importante.

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