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28 July 2014 - Security Council - The situation in Mali

At the 7226th meeting of the Security Council, held on 28 July 2014, in connection with the Council’s consideration of the item entitled “The situation in Mali”, the President of the Security Council made the following statement on behalf of the Council:

The Security Council welcomes the commencement of the inter-Malian negotiation process in Algiers on 16 July 2014, in line with its resolutions 2100 (2013) and 2164 (2014), the statement by its President (S/2014/2), its previous press statements, as well as the 18 June 2013 Ouagadougou Preliminary Agreement, and which aims to achieve a comprehensive peace agreement ending the crisis.

The Security Council commends the facilitation role played by Algeria, at the request of the Malian authorities, in the launching of these formal peace talks and in convening the Government of Mali and the signatory and adherent armed groups of the Ouagadougou Agreement. The Security Council also commends the close coordination between Algeria, the Special Representative of the Secretary-General and Head of the United Nations Multidimensional Integrated Stabilization Mission in Mali (MINUSMA), the African Union, the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) mediation team, the European Union and other regional and international partners and encourages them to continue these important efforts.

The Security Council commends the parties for the constructive dialogue and discussions held in Algiers between 16 July and 24 July 2014, leading to the consensual adoption of the roadmap (“Feuille de route des négociations dans le cadre du processus d’Alger”) by the parties. The Security Council calls on the parties to fully comply with the commitments outlined in the roadmap, including by engaging in the comprehensive peace talks in Algiers scheduled to begin on 17 August 2014. The Security Council underscores the importance of an inclusive and credible negotiation process open to all communities of the North of Mali, with the goal of securing a durable political resolution to the crisis and long-term peace and stability throughout the country, respecting the sovereignty, unity and territorial integrity of the Malian State.

The Security Council reiterates its concern about the fragile security situation in the North of Mali and calls on all parties to immediately and fully respect the ceasefire agreement signed on 23 May 2014, as well as the declaration of the Cessation of Hostilities signed in Algiers on 24 July 2014. The Security Council reiterates its demand on all armed groups in Mali to cease hostilities immediately, as well as reject the recourse to violence.

The Security Council calls on all the parties to implement all agreed confidence-building measures and reiterates its call to accelerate the cantonment of the armed groups, as a practical step leading to an effective disarmament, demobilization and reintegration (DDR) process, in the context of a comprehensive peace settlement. The Security Council welcomes the establishment of the joint commission under the auspices of MINUSMA to facilitate the implementation of the ceasefire agreement and the declaration of the Cessation of Hostilities. The Security Council encourages the Secretary-General to further enable MINUSMA to reach its full operational capacity as soon as possible, especially in the context of the new Force laydown in the North of Mali.

The Security Council reiterates its full support for the key role and active engagement of the Special Representative of the Secretary-General for Mali, including his good offices and close coordination with the international community, towards the restoration of peace and security throughout the national territory of Mali.

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