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Peacekeeping operations budget for 2013/2014

Negotiated during the second segment of the resumed 67th session (May-June 2013), the initial budget of peacekeeping operations for the 2013/2014 biennum amounted to USD 7537 millions.

It brock down as follows:

As emphasized in this table, the scope of the budget has changed significantly since two operations (UNMIT and UNSMIS) were completed, while another (Mali) was launched.

At constant scope, we note the increase in the budget of MONUSCO, linked to the creation of an intervention brigade, as well as operations in Abyei and Southern Sudan. In contrast, several operations are experiencing a significant decrease in their credits: UNAMID in Darfur, MINUSTAH in Haiti, or UNMIL in Liberia.

Finally, the breakdown of expenditures is also changing, with a trend decline in military spending and, conversely, the relative stability of civil expenditure and an increase in operating expenses:

During the main segment of the UN general Assembly 68th session, the 5th Committee adopted two amending budgets: one on UNISFA to draw the budgetary consequences of the increased military ceiling pursuant to UN Security Council resolution 2104 (2013), the other on UNDOF, to strengthen the security of the mission. The 5th Committee also adopted the MINUSMA annual budget, which amounted to MUSD 602.

Thus, the revised budget for the PKO amounts now to MUSD 7,825.

For further information:

- SG Report on the 2013/2014 PKO budget and and the related report of the ACABQ

-  Resolution on the cross-cutting issues of the 2012/2013 budget

-  DPKO website

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