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Côte d’Ivoire - Interview of Mr Gerard Araud, Permanent Representative of France to the United Nations with CNN’s Becky Anderson in {Connect the World}

New York, 11 April 2011

Q: What role French troops played in Gbagbo’s capture and arrest today?

Gbagbo was actually arrested by the Ivorian forces. The French forces did not have any role in the capture of Laurent Gbagbo. The French forces had a role before in support of the UN forces to neutralize the heavy weapons which were used by Gbagbo against the civilian population and against the UN peacekeepers.

Q: Nicolas Sarkozy earlier spoke with President Ouattara after Gbagbo’s arrest. What sort of support will France now provide for the Ivory Coast?

After this awful period, what Mr. Ouattara has to do, with all the Ivorian people, is to rebuild his country. That means not only rebuilding in the physical sense but also in the political sense because after all Gbagbo had a constituency behind him, 45% of the population. So reconciliation is the master word. The international community, France but also the UN and the other countries, we have also to provide a financial, humanitarian and economic aid to overcome the result of this tragedy.

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