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12 juin 2014 - Mali / Attack in Aguelhok

Statement of the spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development

France condemns the attack perpetrated yesterday in Aguelhok, in northern Mali, against the UN mission (MINUSMA). This cowardly act killed 4 Chadian soldiers and injured soldiers belonging to MINUSMA and the armed Malian forces.

In these painful circumstances, we extend our condolences to the victims’ families. France pays tribute to the commitment of the Chadian army, which has paid a very high price in Mali since 2013. We assure the UN of our support and express our solidarity with the authorities of Chad and Mali.

France remains determined to fight, alongside the Malian army, against the armed terrorist groups. It reaffirms its support for the Malian authorities and the UN in their efforts - with the support of the states of the region - to successfully conduct an inclusive dialogue with the non-terrorist armed groups within the framework of the Ouagadougou agreement.

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