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18 March 2013 - Yemen / Launch of a national dialogue conference

Statement by the Spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

France welcomes the launch by President Hadi on March 18 of a national dialogue conference. The introduction of this peaceful and democratic process is a courageous decision by the authorities and all Yemenis. Since the signing of the Gulf Initiative on November 23, 2011, a great deal of progress has already been achieved, with the election of a new president and the cessation of violence.

We urge all components of Yemeni society to participate in the national dialogue in order to ensure their voices are heard. We urge them to work together to lay the foundations of the new Constitution and to agree on the framework of the next elections.

We are confident that the national dialogue initiated by President Hadi will make it possible to build a stable and prosperous Yemen that will respect the rule of law.

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