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23 March 2010 - International Conference of World Cities and Regions for Haiti - Fort de France (Martinique)

Following the devastating earthquake that hit Haiti, France organises on the initiative of the President of the French Republic an "International Conference of World Cities and Regions for Haiti". Designed to assist with the equitable and sustainable development of Haiti, this Conference will be held on Tuesday, 23 March 2010 in Fort de France, Martinique.

Under the aegis of the United Nations, this conference is one of the four sectoral international meetings (private enterprise, diasporas, NGOs and local authorities) organised in partner countries, in preparation for the International Donors’ Conference for Haiti on 31 March 2010 in New York.

Thanks to its historical ties to Haiti and given the strong dynamics of its local body networks working in situ, France is offering its many friends and partners a chance to undertake or to further decentralised cooperation efforts with this country.

Concrete objectives have been set for the International Conference of cities and regions for the reconstruction of Haiti:

— Bring the contribution of regional and local authorities to the development plan desired by the Haitian authorities, in particular the section on support for local governance
— Coordinate the international aid from regional and local authorities
— Pool the efforts of Haitian regional and local authorities with those from abroad
— Help strengthen Haitian decentralisation efforts which were already underway before the earthquake

Click here to learn more about the Haiti Conference in Fort de France and download the press kit.

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