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27 septembre 2010 - Ministerial Forum on the follow-up of the "Paris Principles and Commitments" relative to the issue of children and armed conflict

François Zimeray, Human Rights Ambassador, chaired the Ministerial Forum on the follow-up of the Paris Principles and Commitments relative to the issue of children in armed conflict on Monday, 27 September 2010, at the United Nations General Assembly.

In February 2007, France organized jointly with UNICEF the Paris Conference, following which around 60 States signed the "Paris Principles and Commitments" which call for an end to the illegal use of child soldiers in armed conflict and which grant them victim status. 95 States are now signatories to these principles and commitments.

Hundreds of thousands of children in more than 40 States, more than a third of which are in Africa, are still associated with armed forces or groups throughout the world.

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