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3 July 2013 - Bolivia / Plane permission to fly over French territory

Statement by the Spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The minister of foreign affairs telephoned his Bolivian counterpart to extend to him France’s apologies following the setback experienced by President Morales as a result of the delay in granting the president’s plane permission to fly over French territory. He provided him with the necessary clarifications regarding this incident.

He underscored that the authorization to fly over French territory was granted as soon as the French authorities had been informed that the aircraft in question was that of President Morales. He also indicated to him that there had, of course, never been any intention of refusing President Morales’s plane access to our airspace; President Morales is always welcome in our country.

Our relations with Bolivia are marked by trust and friendship. President Morales’s visit to France in March, marked by a very friendly meeting with President Hollande, provided an opportunity to underscore our shared political determination to give new impetus to the partnership between our two countries. In that spirit, the two ministers expressed their determination to continue strengthening French-Bolivian relations.

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