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31 March 2014 - United Nations - Human Rights Council – Review of the 25th session

Statement of the spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The UN Human Rights Council closed its 25th session on March 28 in Geneva, after 4 weeks of work.

France welcomes the adoption on this occasion of a resolution condemning the serious and systematic human rights violations in Syria, notably the use of torture, attacks against civilians and the use of starvation and sieges as a method of warfare by the Damascus regime. This resolution renews for one year the mandate of the international commission of inquiry. It confirms the mobilization of the international community to ensure that the perpetrators of these heinous crimes are brought to justice.

We also welcome the adoption of a resolution on human rights violations in North Korea.

Texts were also adopted on the human rights situation in several countries.

In addition, France welcomes the success of the first high-level dialogue organized by the Human Rights Council on the issue of the death penalty which, following a joint initiative with Benin, Costa Rica, Moldova and Mongolia, has made it possible to consolidate the global trend in support of the abolition of the death penalty. Lastly, we welcome the holding of a high-level panel on sexual violence in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

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