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31 October 2012 - Libya – Formation of the new government

Declaration by Philippe Lalliot, French Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesman

On the occasion of the formation of the Libyan government France would like to congratulate the new ministers on their appointment and wish them success.

Libya has just reached a new milestone in its political transition. France commends the transparency of the process to form the government and the efforts that have been made to incorporate all components of Libyan society. In just one year, after 42 years of dictatorship and 8 months of conflict, Libya has managed to establish freely and democratically elected authorities.

France expresses its support for the new government in overcoming the numerous challenges posed by the transition and reconstruction. It would like to see the swift restoration of security in Libya, a necessary condition for establishing the rule of law. It urges all Libyans to work toward consolidating the state of Libya in a spirit of national reconciliation.

Libya can count on the support of France, which has remained alongside it since the start of the revolution. France would like to build an ambitious and lasting partnership with Libya. Laurent Fabius, Minister of Foreign Affairs, will shortly travel to Tripoli to support the new Libyan authorities, encourage the restoration of security and strengthen France’s presence in Libya.

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