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Bernard Kouchner’s visit to New York

The minister went to New York on Monday, December 7.

He met there with the United Nations Secretary-General, Ban Ki-moon, in order to discuss two vital issues with him just ahead of the Copenhagen Summit: innovative financing for sustainable development and the prospect of creating a World Environment Organization (WEO).

Bernard Kouchner presented to the Secretary-General his International Solidarity Contribution project - a 0.005% tax on financial transactions - the main goal of which is to finance development, whether it relates to improving food security, education, health and or the fight against climate change. He reaffirmed the importance of innovative financing alongside official development assistance and the support lent to this initiative by 58 countries, the main international organizations and several NGOs.

In addition, the minister reaffirmed France’s commitment to creating a World Environment Organization which will have a mandate to consolidate the tools that are now spread among almost 500 multilateral environmental protection agreements. France would like the Copenhagen Summit to be an opportunity to give an impetus to the creation of this new organization which would, in particular, have a mandate to monitor and verify the commitments made in Copenhagen by the 192 Member States of the international community.

This meeting was followed by a joint statement by the United Nations Secretary-General and the Minister of Foreign and European Affairs, then by a press briefing given by Bernard Kouchner.

(Photo: UN Photo/Eskinder Debebe)

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