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February: France takes over the presidency of the Security Council

Within the framework of its presidency of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) from February 1 to 28, 2010, France will focus on peacekeeping and the fight against transnational threats, in addition to the topical regional issues for which the Security Council is responsible

In continuation of the initiative that France launched jointly with the United Kingdom during the previous French presidency of the UNSC in January 2009 and the publication of the "New Horizon" report by the United Nations Secretariat, France intends to continue the efforts begun by the Security Council and the United Nations Secretariat aimed at improving the preparation and monitoring of peacekeeping operations (PKO) (more information on our website).

France will organize two main events, focusing on peacekeeping operations and also on transnational threats:

- On peacekeeping operations
— On February 12, 2010, a Security Council open debate will take place on the transition and exit strategies of the peacekeeping operations. France would like to encourage debate at the Security Council on the ways to adapt the peacekeeping operations (change from military component to police and then civilian components), and on how to end the operations (hand over to local authorities, United Nations agencies and other competent regional and international stakeholders) during the post-crisis stage. France prepared a Concept Paperon this issue.

— On February 17, 2010: Secretariat’s first quarterly report to the UNSC on peacekeeping. Alain Le Roy, Head of the Department of Peacekeeping Operations (DPKO), and Susanna Malcorra, Head of the Department of Field Support (DFS), will review the strategic and cross-cutting issues relating to peacekeeping operations, as well as the reforms that are in progress within the Secretariat. Beyond assessing the specific challenges of each PKO, our goal is to encourage structured and regular exchanges between the Permanent Representatives and the Secretariat with regard to the peacekeeping priorities.

- Following the UNSC debate on December 8, 2009, under Burkina Faso’s presidency, on the issue of drug trafficking as a threat to international security (more information on our website), France will organize, on February 24, 2010, a presentation by the Executive Director of the UNODC, Antonio Maria Costa, on transnational threats (in particular drug trafficking and organized crime) to peace and international security. These threats have an impact on the stability of States and regional, and even, international stability, in several parts of the world.

See also the program of work of the Security Council

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