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Global Counterterrorism Forum (Istanbul, June 7, 2012)

The second Global Counterterrorism Forum ministerial meeting will take place on June 7 in Istanbul; this forum was launched in New York on September 22, 2011. The discussions will focus on the work carried out over the last six months within the framework of this forum, in areas such as criminal justice, the rule of law, counter-radicalization, and strengthening capacity in several regions, notably the Sahel.

On this occasion, France would like to draw the attention of her partners to the troubling situation in northern Mali, where AQIM is present.

On a technical level, this forum will make it possible to compare the means and methods used to combat terrorist groups, and to establish good practice that is useful for the international community as a whole.

France will be represented by Director-General for Political [and Security] Affairs, Mr. Jacques Audibert.

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