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Libya - Visit by Mr. Alain Juppé, Ministre d’Etat, Minister of Foreign and European Affairs, to the UN

Statement by the Spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs

17 march 2011 Retour à la table des matières

Alain Juppé, Ministre d’Etat, Minister of Foreign and European Affairs, will go to the United Nations in New York on 17 March for the vote on the resolution on Libya.

France, together with its British and Lebanese partners, submitted a resolution to the Security Council which broadens the scope of the sanctions and paves the way for taking the necessary measures to stop Qaddafi’s offensive. Stopping the violence against the people is a key priority for France, a position that has been continuously defended by President Sarkozy since the initial acts of violence were perpetrated against the Libyan demonstrators.

As Alain Juppé has repeatedly reaffirmed, France cannot intervene without a UN Security Council mandate with the support and the active participation of the Arab countries. Regarding this second proviso, several Arab countries have pledged to participate in interventions within the framework of the UN mandate.

In view of the urgent situation in which the Libyan people find themselves, notably in Benghazi, Alain Juppé decided to go to New York in order to ensure that this resolution be adopted as swiftly as possible.

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