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Middle East peace process - Statement issued by the Quartet
Statement by the Spokesman of the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs

New York, 23 September 2011

The statement issued by the Quartet today goes in the right direction, namely the resumption of negotiations between the Israelis and the Palestinians, which constitutes the highest priority, as President Sarkozy reaffirmed in his speech to the UN General Assembly on Wednesday.

We are awaiting the two parties’ responses. We hope they will swiftly return to the path of negotiations based on the parameters that we all know and which the statement reaffirms.

This statement is in line with the determination expressed by President Sarkozy in New York and notably the need to establish a clear timetable that will provide a framework for the negotiations and the need to adopt a new negotiation method. This text advocates a more collective approach - which is precisely the approach advocated by France - through international conferences aimed at supporting the negotiation process.

France welcomes the fact that the debates held over the last few days at the United Nations have resulted in international awareness of the urgent need to break the stalemate in the Israeli-Palestinian issue. It reaffirms its intention to fully engage in these efforts in accordance with the guidelines defined by President Sarkozy.

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