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Syria – Additional €1 million allocated to the emergency relief fund for Syria

Statement by the Spokesman of the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs
(Paris, 8 March 2012)

In view of the seriousness of the humanitarian situation in Syria, France has decided, at the national level, to grant an additional €1 million to the emergency relief fund for Syria that it created on February 14.

Humanitarian access to the civilian populations affected by the violence is vital and a humanitarian forum on the situation in Syria is taking place today in Geneva in order to mobilize the international community which has a duty to provide assistance to the Syrian people.

France hopes that this Forum in Geneva will allow decisions to be taken with respect to humanitarian assistance for the Syrian population. It reaffirms its support for the action of the UN agencies and all humanitarian actors working on the ground. It underlines the importance of the visit that Ms. Valerie Amos, UN Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs, was able to make to Syria and which made it possible to highlight, on behalf of the UN and to the whole world, the humanitarian emergency following the tragedy in the devastated city of Homs.

It renews its appeal for unhindered humanitarian access to the Syrian territory so that emergency relief can be provided to the Syrian populations who have suffered so much.

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