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Visit by Mr Alain Juppé to the UN Security Council in New York

Paris, 30 January 2012

The Ministre d’Etat will travel to New York tomorrow, Tuesday, January 31, in order to persuade the Security Council to fully assume its responsibilities in the face of the increased level of crimes against humanity being perpetrated by the Syrian regime. This meeting was requested by the Arab League, whose efforts we commend and support. Several Arab ministers and ministers from Security Council member countries are expected to participate in the meeting.

Indeed, the situation in Syria remains critical and is continuing to deteriorate. Dozens of Syrian civilians have been killed in recent days as result of the Syrian regime’s brutal crackdown, notably during the massive military operations against several towns, particularly in the greater Damascus area. We were particularly shocked by reports that 14 members of a family from Homs, including 8 children, have been killed. Everything must be done to bring an end to the spiral of violence now resulting from the bloody crackdown that Bashar al-Assad’s regime has been imposing for more than 10 months.

It’s time for the Security Council to be able to take action in order to help resolve this crisis. France supports the Arab League’s efforts. The goal of tomorrow’s ministerial meeting is to ensure that the Security Council has an opportunity to listen to the report by the Arab League, which has been involved on the ground since the end of December, and that it is able to support its efforts and recommendations.

A draft resolution to that effect was presented to the Security Council on Friday by Morocco, on behalf of the Arab League. We must now adopt this text. Tomorrow’s ministerial meeting should contribute to achieving that.

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