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26 octobre 2005 - Syrie/Liban /Mehlis : Remarques à la presse de M. Jean-Marc de la Sablière, représentant permanent de la France auprès des Nations unies

(en anglais)

As you know, we just had consultations on the draft resolution supporting the work done by Mr. Mehlis in order to find the whole truth about the assassination of Mr. Hariri.

It was our first meeting, our first round of consultations. So we registered some very preliminary reactions from members of the Council.

I must say I am very encouraged by this meeting. All members of the Council supported Mr. Mehlis, and it was very clear that they all want to know the whole truth so that all those who are responsible for this crime will be brought to justice. To find the whole truth, and this was very clear among all members of the Council, full cooperation from Syria is needed and required. We did not go into the details of the resolution tonight, but my understanding is that everyone wants to send a strong message to get full cooperation from Syria.

An experts’ meeting will take place tomorrow morning at 10:30. This is the beginning of the consultations process. So, you will understand that I cannot say more today.

The Chinese ambassador just told us that is not acceptable for China to have the combination of issuing a resolution under chapter VII and the threat of article 41. Are you willing to compromise on this ?

The discussion is just starting. But it is very clear to understand that the members of the Council want : to send a very strong message to the Syrians. The co-sponsors of the resolution believe that it is absolutely necessary to have this OP 13 which is a threat of sanctions. Let me be clear, there are no sanctions against Syria in the resolution. What we are asking from Syria is to fully cooperate, and if Syria does not cooperate, then we will have to consider what to do.

Will you include this in the language of the resolution that you would consider more measures ?

This is in the resolution. This is what the co-sponsors are proposing. I think that there is a lot of support in the Council for that. Some delegations and countries have some difficulties but the discussions are just starting now./.

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