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28 octobre 2005 - Syrie : Remarques à la presse de M. Jean-Marc de la Sablière, représentant permanent de la France auprès des Nations unies

(En anglais)

We introduced a revised text to our colleagues and we had a very good discussion. I am very encouraged by the discussion we had. We listened to the remarks of all the members of the Council. Now the co-sponsors will meet again this evening We will put it in blue either tonight or tomorrow, possibly tonight because the week-end is starting and the vote will take place on Monday. But we continue the discussion with them. Again, I believe it was a good meeting.


First, there is a general acknowledgement by the members of the Council that the co-sponsors have made an important effort to meet many of their concerns and it has been noticed during the meeting that we really tried to answer the questions which were put to us today. Now we are focusing on some paragraph which is paragraph on terrorism also on the op10, paragraph 11. Some of the questions were on paragraph 13. The discussions are to be continued.

You said you are going to put the text in blue but you’re still discussing with the Council. Does it means that there are people still opposed to this blue version ?

There is a strong support for the text but some delegations still have problems.

Are you working towards the consensus or are you just happy with what happened ?

I have always said that if we could find unanimity we would be very happy.

Thank you./.

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