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3 mars 2008 - Iran / Non-prolifération : Stake out de M. Jean-Pierre Lacroix, représentant permanent adjoint de la France auprès des Nations Unies, suite à l’adoption de la résolution 1803

The first thing is to say is that the Security Council has decided and that the decision is very clear. We have 14 votes in favour, no opposition. This is a clear signal and a very strong support for our approach. We welcome that result. Our three country have been working very hard to reach that objective, that result. France has been very actively engaged at that highest level. President Sarkozy has been talking in the last days with a number of his counterparts from Member States of the Security Council and therefore we are particularly happy to have reach that quasi unanimity today. And I think this is the clear expression of the large support of the Security Council to our approach which is an approach based on dialogue on one side, and our offer to solve this issue through dialog with Iran remains on the table. But it is also an approach based on the need to lend credibility to our willingness to solve the issue. We regret that today we had no choice but to submit and to adopt at the Security Council a new set of measures. We did that because Iran’s failure to meet its international obligations let us no choice to do so.

Our readiness to dialogue and to engage Iran is still there. I would conclude by expressing the hope that Iran will listen to us and will respond to this clear message from the Security Council in engaging in a dialogue with us.

(The fate of the 3 last resolutions show that Iranians will not bend to the requests. Has the security Council been used to cause more insecurity in Middle East ?)

The answer to that question is very clear.

Yes, we have heard from the representative of Iran accusations that the Council was an instrument of a number of countries. But yet we saw how the Council expressed itself. What we are seeing on and on again are very large majorities in support of our resolutions. I think that is a clear response to these baseless consideration that there would be no large support of the international community.

Actually today the vote shows that there is a very large support to our approach and to the resolution we put forward./.

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