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19 novembre 2008 - Situation en RDC : Déclaration à la presse de Jean-Maurice Ripert

Déclaration à la presse de Jean-Maurice Ripert, Représentant permanent de la France auprès des Nations Unies

How do you consider the significance of the resolution to be adopted tomorrow ?

I think it is a clear signal that the Security Council is very much concerned about the gravity of the situation on the humanitarian side, as reflected by the request by DPKO to increase the capacity of MONUC.

We accept the idea that MONUC should be more efficient on the ground. They should use their full capacities. And we have to make sure that their capacities are adapted to the kind of threat and the kind of challenges they have to face. This is why we have decided to answer to the request, after having had many discussions with DPKO on the military aspect of it.

So we think it is a clear signal we are sending to all parties : they have to respect their commitments, they have to disarm, they have to disengage, and lastly this is a signal we want to address on the very difficult situation of the civilians. We have to reinforce the capacity of MONUC to protect civilians effectively. So, we thought it was the first step to be achieved by the Security Council. We hope it will be done tomorrow or the day after, and once we have that, it will then be easier for the European Union to try to see what they can do on the purely humanitarian side.

So, we think it will pave the way for a safer environment for humanitarian workers and humanitarian operations. It will be also easier probably to work on the renegotiation of the mandate of the MONUC itself because we will have had this surge first ./.

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