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22 décembre 2011 - Libye / Syrie - Remarques à la presse de M. Gérard Araud, représentant permanent de la France auprès des Nations unies

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Remarques à la presse de M. Gérard Araud, représentant permanent de la France auprès des Nations unies, sur la Libye et la Syrie - New York - 22 décembre 2011 - UN Photo/Eskinder Debebe

As Ambassador Rice has just said we have actually two on-going investigations.

The first one is the Commission of inquiry of the Human Rights Council. The report will be brought back to the Human Rights Council in March 2012. I think it is quite possible that Mrs Pillay could come to the (Security) Council to report about the result of this investigation.

The second investigation is the ICC investigation. Again the Prosecutor is supposed to come to the (Security) Council for his usual briefing of the Council next June.

So we are not talking here about years. There are two on-going investigations and in the two cases they are absolutely competent to handle the NATO military operations.

Actually as for the Human Rights Council, it has already started to ask questions to NATO and the ICC also. So there is a dialogue between the two investigating bodies and NATO, and NATO is ready of course to answer all the questions.

I should add of course that any civilian casualty is deeply regrettable and we are convinced that NATO has fully implemented all the humanitarian law and the law of war. But it would be to the Human Rights Committee and to the ICC to decide what it is. There are two on-going investigations, so why ask for a third one while we don’t have any investigation committee in Syria when in the last 3-4 days more than 250 people have been killed. This is a bit strange so we can say that we have seen today one more ploy.

Q : Some people have suggested that the Russians by their slow pace in getting together some kind of resolution might not actually be serious about wanting a resolution on Syria. Are you concerned that this may be the case ?

At least, as for ourselves, we are serious. We want to have a text as soon as possible. We have presented serious amendments and we have requested the Russian penholder to hold a meeting as soon as possible. So there will be a meeting, we are going to present new amendments. And you can rely on us : we want to push forward the negotiation as quickly as possible.

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