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5 avril 2009 - Déclaration à la presse de M. Jean-Maurice Ripert, Représentant permanent de la France auprès des Nations Unies, avant les consultations du Conseil de Sécurité sur la Corée du Nord

(en anglais)

I wish to stress that France strongly condemned the launch that took place yesterday. We think it is a clear violation of resolutions 1695 and 1718. As President Sarkozy said, we think it is a provocation. It is a threat to international peace and security, at least for regional stability and security. We think the Security Council should react in a unanimous way and we hope we will start to do that this afternoon in the meeting we will have. We expect the Council to unanimously condemn what has happened and respond to this provocation and violation of international law.

What are you proposing for today, and are you backing ultimately increased sanctions in the resolution ?

We want the Council to react unanimously if possible, and respond to what has happened, so I will see with my colleagues in the Security Council how we can react strongly and unanimously if possible. /.

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